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Best Practices &
Position Statements

Best Practices & Position Statements

Medicine is only as effective as the selected approach to care. 

When each person is given a specific and individually-tailored care plan that takes social influences (race, gender, age, economic level, educational history, environment, culture, etc.) into account, healthcare is more likely to be effective and beneficial.

That is why we believe that good healthcare requires Representative Research.

What does Representative Research mean?

How well or how accurately medical research and recommendations reflect upon poor communities and communities of color.

Much of medicine’s best practice recommendations are based on research performed on the white population, especially white males. Then, the results are globally applied to other groups without investigating whether the responses and effects will actually be different. This can lead to dramatically different impacts on non-white populations. 

Historically, when people of color were subjects of medical research projects, it was often without their permission, without ethical considerations, without accountability and without any support for negative health outcomes (physical, mental, emotional and social) that may have occurred. 

This MUST change.

So we are developing a database of position statements and best practice recommendations for people color and other populations at risk.

  • Take these to your doctor and talk about them.

  • Share them with friends and family.

Let’s demand representative care!

Position statements:

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