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Health Journeys

Health Journeys

Blacks compared to other races, women compared to men, older adults compared to younger ones, urban residents compared to suburban residents, overweight people compared to thin and the poor compared to everyone else:

  • are provided less and lower quality care overall,

  • are frequently dismissed and their concerns discounted,

  • are exposed to more stereotypical assumptions and assessments,

  • are denied more advanced treatment options,

  • are excluded from potentially life-saving research studies and

  • are often approached with less respect and regard.


At The Well, we want to change all that. We believe it is vital for you to have a thorough understanding of your current state of health so that you can engage in more in-depth conversations with your primary care doctor, make more informed decisions about your health and feel more empowered in your life.

Health Journeys provides FREE evaluations with our doctors for a detailed review of your health and all aspects of your life. We’re not just interested in your medical history (like medical conditions, surgeries, medications, and past treatments), but also in your diet, fitness, stress factors, work activities and support systems. All of these things impact your health and overall wellness.

How to start your Health Journeys program


Step 1: Fill out THE FIRST 9 PAGES of the Health Journeys intake form.

  • We know that our intake form is long and it may be complicated. But because it is important for the doctor to review key information before your first visit, we do need the first 9 pages filled out. You will have a much more personalized experience when the doctors can be prepared.

  • If you have difficulty finishing this in advance, we have volunteers specially trained in privacy protections (HIPAA) who can help you complete this form.


Step 2: Schedule an in-person or video appointment with the doctor (COMING SOON)


Step 3: Before your first appointment:

  • The doctor will review your Health Journeys Intake form so that she/he will be prepared for your first visit. Please fill THE FIRST 9 PAGES out completely


Step 4: At your first appointment:

  • You will spend 50 minutes with the doctor.

  • The doctor will delve deeper into your responses on the Health Journeys intake form to find out if non-medical factors (social determinants of health) such as transportation, finances, insurance, education level, food insecurity, job security, etc. are impacting your health.

  • Together, you and the doctor will develop health goals and next steps for your health journey. These will be communicated to your primary care doctor in order to ensure that you are receiving appropriate information, optimal treatment and effective preventive care.


Step 5: Additional Health Journeys appointments

  • Create Lifestyle Plans that will move you toward greater health and wellness.

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