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Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you felt like your doctor was really listening to you and you left the appointment actually understanding what was going on within you? 

Let’s be real, you not only need to know what your doctor is talking about, but you need to know that they are talking about the things that are important to you and your health.

You need to be understood and you need to understand.

Unfortunately, this is best achieved by doctors taking time (that they don’t seem to have much of anymore) to listen and explain. Trust me when I tell you that this can be very frustrating for both patients and doctors. Though I can’t change doctors’ schedules, I can provide you with strategies and information that can allow you to take charge of your visits and get the most out of your time with your doctor.


The more informed you are before seeing your doctor, the more effectively you can direct the conversations about your own care. Arming yourself with as much information about your condition and treatments is a great first step. The more you read or hear, the more questions you should have that need to be answered.

What dangers occur with high blood pressure?
Does diabetes mean that I can’t have any sugar at all?
Why did you prescribe this medication when there are newer ones available?
Is there another treatment option that is less invasive than this one?
Are there any treatment trials that I qualify for? 

So, I would like to help you take charge of your visit and get your questions answered. 

Please download our FREE booklet:  

“The Clinic Visit Pamphlet: How to Get Your Doctor to Listen in 4 Easy Steps”


Health is more than just getting treatments and medicines. 
It is being able to advocate for your own well-being.

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