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Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Healthy Lifestyles Program

This program aims to assist you in achieving and /or maintaining a healthy weight through lifestyle changes such as disease education and management, nutritional balance and exercise programs. We believe that wellness is more than managing medical conditions and fitness is more than seeing a specific weight on the scale. 

Wellness is feeling confident and positive about yourself and being actively engaged in your health, life and community.



FREE Healthy Lifestyles 4-week Program: Coming Soon!

This program can also be downloaded and performed at your own pace! 

Please Note:  

It is recommended that you get clearance from your primary care doctor before participating in an exercise program. Your doctor can also provide you with your most recent blood pressure reading and cholesterol levels.

For both self-paced and in-person programs: 

Healthy Lifestyles Weight Management Program Booklet (PDF)


For in-person program only:

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