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Our Partners

Our partners are extremely important and help us accomplish our goals.


Our Vision

Reach Sinners. Raise Believers. Release Leaders


Strive Joint & Health Center, P. C.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Strive Joint & Health Center is committed to serving patients with diligence and treating them with dignity. We believe that quality care includes short wait times, hands-on assessments, informative explanations, and respectful interactions - all in a warm inviting environment.


LAH Ministries was established in 2008. Since its inception, LAH Ministries has engaged the community through preaching, mentoring, professional coaching, worship training, pastoral leadership development, business operational consulting and multimodal outreach events. LAH has continued to be relevant throughout the pandemic with the launch and growth of a powerful online ministry that includes weekly bible studies and interactive community prayer. Pastor Lisa strives to empower all she reaches with the desire to love Jesus more and to serve Him better. Her ultimate goal is to see Jesus glorified in her life, her family, her relationships, her ministry and this world.


Everyone has a special something that sets them apart. As a married couple, we offer a true team, working together seamlessly to make your experience a memorable one. As photographers and design professionals, we are able to take you through the entire process of whatever you may need. Small businesses looking for a plan to bring their services to the world, or give their project a needed boost; couples that have just made the pledge to love each other for a lifetime; non-profits that are looking for a new perspective on reaching their community - we’re here for you.

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